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Question:How advanced are Chinese high-speed rail trains?


Answered by Robin Daverman(upvote|3.3k):


The Chinese high-speed rails have a quality all on its own, because it’s so massive. There are more than twice as many high-speed trains in China as the rest of the world combined. The picture below is an early morning photo at the train station of a second-tier city in China.


Tier 1 cities like Beijing have a couple hundred high-speed trains stopping at the city every day.


And the Chinese Spring Festival is just a mad house – an estimated 3 billion person/trips take place within a 2-week window. It would be the equivalent of every American taking 10 trips during Christmas, or every European taking 5 trips during Christmas. All the train tickets are gone within like 10 seconds after they become available.


The Chinese high-speed rail system made 1.5 billion trips last year, growing 30% a year. It’s just absolutely massive!




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Lei Sun:(82赞)
The fact that this 3 billion person/trips can happen in 2 weeks in the first place demonstrates the infrastructure is some human wonder. In my adopted home country Sweden with less than 10 million people, due to poor management and evasion of responsibility etc, as soon as it snows a little bit trains get cancelled or delayed for hours. I once had to travel 3 hours by train to the airport, the train came 3 hours too late and I almost missed my flight! Our minister of transportation once outrageously claimed “people can celebrate Christmas another day”! This will never happen in China. No Chinese official dares to utter these words. Why the elected officials of a “democratic” country take less responsibility towards the public than officials of a “dictator” country is beyond normal people’s comprehension.


Yifan Zhou:(16赞)
When a democratically elected leadership make mistakes – it’s the people’s fault, so let’s vote for someone else next time.
When the CCP makes mistakes – CCP is responsible for everything bad happens. If they keep doing a bad job, anger builds up over time and would one day crush the ruling party. It’s vital for a dictator to always keep the people satisfied, sometimes even more so than in a democracy.

当一个皿煮选举出来的领导层犯错误时 — 这是群众的失误,所以民众可以下次再选别人。
当土共犯错误时 — 土共要为所有的不良后果负责。如果土共一再工作做得不好,愤怒会随着时间累积,并最终有一天会压垮执政党。所以,对于一个“独菜”国家来说,让民众一直持续感到满意是攸关生死的,在某种程度上,这一点对于土共要比它对于一个“皿煮”国家来说更加重要。


Nishi Kaanti Dasgupta:(3赞)
meritocracy is better than democracy.



Fred Gan:(3赞)
China is definitely not a democratic country but also not ruling under a dictature system. actually, this country executes by meritocracy at all levels. these political leaders are, of course not elected by its people but also not nominated by leaders. To become an official in the bureaucracy, those candidates get to pass several examinations and interviews, most eliminated in the process and only 3–5% may get offers. All government employees will be scored based on their performance at the end of year



Ryed Jadun :(1赞)I feel like the infrastructure was created by need. Not sure about the need in Sweden, but if the growth in public transportation does not supplement the need of it, then there really is no point in creating so much. However, it’s also true that if the public transportation becomes so advanced that there is no more need for cars anyway, more people will opt for the public transportation in the first place.



Leo Xie:(5赞)
Actually, in most cases, things are not created by need. We didn’t really need iPhones. We didn’t really need Facebook. We didn’t even need the internet 30 years ago.
Swedish people might not need high-speed trains. However, would they love to travel faster and more comfortable? I guess most of them would say YES!



Ryed Jadun:
You have a good point, but I feel the comparison is not very good. iPhones and internet were first created as an advancement, and advancements/novelties usually sell based on popularity, and they’re created by a corporation, so they’d want to sell it whether it’s needed or not. Trains and stuff are more state/city based, so there’s more supplied for a larger demand, otherwise it wouldn’t be worth it to create so many with such fast pace if no one is really using them.
That’s just my TRAIN of thought.



Ibrahim Ahmed:
lool are you saying china is better than sweden? hahaha man it surprises me how many chinese there are on quora to upvote you



Gabriel Chan:(26赞)
That tier two city is Wuhan, Hubei.


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